ONE, the latest addition to Rossicaws family, interprets the present in an ideal bridge between memory and the future. Conceived according to the rules of contemporary design, ONE is characterised by clear and precise concepts.
HYGIENE The new drawer system, an exclusive feature of ONE, ensures maximum hygiene and easy cleaning.
COMFORT. Silent and reliable hinges and guides, always.
DESIGN. Balanced between tradition and contemporary style, the design of ONE is always modern, resisting fl eeting fashions.

Design and style

meet functionality.

The character of Rossicaws design can be recognised at first glance: contemporary lines, care for details and finishes. Our furnishings transform your studio into a modern workplace, rich in personality – yours – and always up to date.

We never compromise

in the quality of our materials.

You can touch the quality with your hand: all materials in Rossicaws lines are top choice. Each unit we make is accurately checked to ensure always the maximum solidity and resistance. That’s why Rossicaws furniture is made to last.

We plan the studio

around your needs.

First and foremost, your work method. That’s important for us! With this philosophy, Rossicaws proposes compositions built to suit the needs of the professional, ensuring maximum customisation of every solution while fully respecting ergonomics, work methods and habits.

Hygiene and safety

first of all.

Hygiene in the studio has top priority. That’s why we use metal for all our products; it is not porous and does not allow dirt and/or substances to penetrate inside. With metal furniture, cleanliness is complete and guaranteed.
Ecco perché usiamo il metallo per i tutti i nostri prodotti; non è poroso e non permette allo sporco e/o sostanze di penetrare all’interno. Con i mobili in metallo la pulizia è completa e garantita.

Worktops and sinks

Laminate TOP-O worktop with ceramic sink

LAP worktop with stainless steel sink and infra-red rays mixer tap

Stainless steel worktop with integrated sink and shower mixer tap

Corian worktop with stainless steel sink

Glass worktop and sink


ACS13. Extractable shelf with socket

ACS13A. Extractable shelf for PC keyboard

ACS29. Steinless steel desinfection basin

ACS1-2. Electromagnetic control with pedal

ACS1A-2A. Electromagnetic control with frontal spring starting lever


ONE53. Wall hygiene unit (W=100cm) with distributors for cups, aprons, double gloves, napkins, saliva-ejectors and cannulas

ONE52. Wall hygiene unit (W=100cm) with distributors for double gloves, masks, cups, napkins and infrared rays soap and disinfectant dispenser

ONE51. Hygiene unit (W=50cm) equipped with infrared rays soap dispenser, cups, napkins, double gloves and masks

96V8. Hygiene unit (W=50cm) equipped with soap dispenser, paper cups and masks

Trays & Tubs

ACS15B. Wall cabinet arranged for no. 12 trays and no. 3 tubs

ACS15C. Extractable shelf with pivoting holder for no. 2 standard trays


C502 – C502A. Mobile unit (W38 H85 D43cm) for electrical appliances with 3 shelves (W38 D32/29cm); Space between shelves 31cm. Payload 15kg

C503 – C503A. Mobile unit (W45 H85 D49cm) for electrical appliances with 3 shelves (W45 D38/34/40cm). Space between shelves 37cm. Payload 15kg

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