Friday offers that carefree weekend feeling, every day.
Friday is a chorus that gets stuck in your head.
Friday has the right outfit for every occasion.
Friday is a six-letter word in six different colours.
You can’t help but fall in love with Friday!

BLACK: l’universale

A simple solution for all your transportation and organisational needs.

WHITE: electrical equipment

The convenience of easily being able to move electrical equipment without worrying about cables.


Make better use of the shelf space with the integrated container drawer.

BLUE: distribution

From sterilisation to the treatment room: convenient and spacious trays to distribute bagged sterile instruments.

RED: infected material

From treatment rooms to sterilisation: offering the security of being able to collect all types of infected material. With a tray for cold disinfection, a sharps container and a drawer for segregating different forms of waste.

ORANGE: tubs

Drawer arranged for tubs: providingexcellent freedom of movement, for perfect organisation and operational efficiency.

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