The new Condor Lab

Traditional effectiveness, with that extra touch of style.

All true changes are built on the solid foundations of tradition. The new Condor Lab line from Rossicaws maintains the solidity that has made it a trusted workplace ally for so many dental technicians, its winning combination of ergonomics, immediacy and technology.

This is all brought together with a simple, clean design, which is now being enhanced with a stylish touch that leaves no room for the superfluous.
Simple, stripped-down beauty at the service of your day-to-day working life.

Your daily workplace must naturally accommodate your movements and actions, acting as the natural extension of them.

Costruire le condizioni perché questo si realizzi è l’obiettivo di Rossicaws, da sempre.

Solid and simple in its design, BLbox (which is also available in the Easy version) is Rossicaws’ solution to help you work effectively and comfortably, ensuring your workspace is as clean as possible. BLbox enables you to reduce the dispersion of dust during particularly sensitive processes, such as those involving gypsum as well as cutting, polishing and metal finishes. Performance is made even more efficient thanks to the Dustinet suction system.

Our practical service furniture completes and enhances the functionality of your laboratory, giving you the chance to choose between different colours and materials. No matter which version you opt for, they’ll help you create the ideal space for you to work in comfort and order.

For more information download the brochure.

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